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PUD warns of customer scam

April 16th, 2014 - 5:30am

(PORT ANGELES)-- Clallam PUD is warning customers of a possible phone scam.

Scammers are using an 800 number in an attempt to lure PUD customers into using their credit cards to pay what the caller says is an unpaid bill.

This past weekend, multiple PUD customers received a call from an 800 number where the caller claimed to be a PUD employee and said power would be shut off if the bill was not paid in full via credit card. Although the caller seemed to know the customer's address, they did not know any of the customer's PUD account information.

PUD spokesman, Mike Howe says some concerned customers called the PUD after they became suspicious.

Howe says, while the PUD does disconnect power for nonpayment, the process in no way resembles what the scam artists are attempting to pull off.

Normally, for non-payments of 33 days, they receive a past due notice in the mail with a phone call followup if the bill has not been paid within 10 days. If no one is contacted, the PUD will leave written notice of a potential shut off at the door.

In this instance, Howe says the targeted customers were not lured in by the scammer.

Anyone who feels that they may have been the target of such a scam should call their local law enforcement office.

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