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Kilmer makes stop in PA

April 22nd, 2014 - 5:37am

(Port Angeles) – Sixth District Congressman Derek Kilmer says there are still a lot of problems with the nation's economy and bigger problems with congress itself.

Kilmer spoke to the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

He says he thinks the national economy is getting better, but there's a long way to go to fix it.

”I think there really isn't a silver bullet when it comes to economic development,” said Kilmer. “It's really silver buckshot. There are a lot of tools we could use to help small businesses grow, and we need to make the best use of them.”

He said the tax code should be changed to encourage companies not to move jobs overseas. He also touted a recently-formed Olympic Timber Consortium as a way to develop more sustainable timber harvest levels for the area.

But Kilmer says a big part of the problem is a government that isn't working. He addressed the problems of government shutdowns, and sequestration, and hopes there won't be anymore. Kilmer has sponsored a bill called “No Budget, No Pay” for Congress. He received a large round of applause from the audience.

Kilmer says Congress should do three things: He also reiterated a previous stance that he is against recent Supreme Court decisions that equated corporations as citizens with the same free speech rights in spending on campaigns.

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