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State to begin beach monitoring program in Clallam

April 24th, 2014 - 5:29am

(PORT ANGELES)-- With summer water play and boating just around the corner, the state's “BEACH” program will soon be testing the water at 58 of Washington's most popular saltwater beaches, including some in Clallam County.

The BEACH acronym stands for the Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication and Health Program, which is federally funded, but state-run by the Department of Ecology and the Department of Health.

Debbie Sargeant is the Beach Manager with the DOE, and says three beaches in Clallam County are part of the program. Hollywood Beach, Cline Spit County Park and the Salt Creek Recreation Area will be monitored this year locally.

Sargent says the water testing is done locally for a quick turn-around should the public need to be notified of any potential health issues.

Sargeant says that the public can find out about the water condition of their beaches in a number of ways. Signs will be posted at the beaches from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but persons can also check the DOE website, or sign up for notifications through social media like Twitter.

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