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"Burn phones" now must pay 911 tax in Clallam County

May 7th, 2014 - 5:33am

(Port Angeles) Clallam County will now collect a 9-1-1 tax on prepaid cellphone plans.

County commissioners yesterday approved a measure that adds those types of phones to lines required to pay a 70-cents per month fee for enhanced 9-1-1.

The change locally follows a change in the state law that requires prepaid cellphone plans be put in the mix of payers into the E-9-1-1 fund.

The county already collects the fee on standard cell phone plans and landlines.

The state collects the money that is then funneled back to Clallam County to pay for advanced 9-1-1 services at PenCom, the police and fire dispatch service in Clallam County.

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