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Allied Titanium opening Sequim operation

May 28th, 2014 - 2:15pm

(Sequim) -- Sequim is the new home for the western headquarters of Allied Titanium. The company is based in Delaware with manufacturing facilities in China, and currently offers of 93-thousand different products.

Their manufacturing factory in Sequim will be their first in America. Products include various fasteners and parts used in the automotive, marine, and medical fields all made out of titanium, a metal that is lighter than steel, strong, and immune from rust and corrosion.

The new facility is currently located in the 14-hundred block of East Washington Street. Christopher Greimes, Allied's C.E.O., says that the company plans on hiring somewhere between 50 to 150 workers, and is currently looking for sales people and C-N-C programmers.

Titanium manufacturing in America had been cost prohibitive, but with new smelting technology and automated manufacturing, titanium has become a more affordable option for many industries.

Persons interested in a career with Allied Titanium are encouraged to go to their web site, AlliedTitanium.com, under “Contacts” for employment inquiries.

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