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Survey names Hurricane Ridge top visitor spot in Washington

May 29th, 2014 - 5:14am

(PORT ANGELES) Parade Magazine just listed Hurricane Ridge as the number one tourist destination in the state.

In a recent survey based on the web site “Trip Advisor.com”, Parade Magazine listed the most popular tourist destinations for each of the 50 states on their web site.

If you are wondering how Hurricane Ridge ended up as number one, it's a matter of how statistical data was filtered and used from the “Trip Advisor” web site.

A check of the “Trip Advisor” web page listed a total of 382 reviews by visitors to Hurricane Ridge. 323 rated the experience as excellent, 53 as very good, 4 as average with only 2 disgruntled visitors who called it terrible. The total number of visitors to Hurricane Ridge this year through April, is 81,452.

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