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City, port agree on trees and park environmental assesment

June 3rd, 2014 - 5:30am

(PORT ANGELES) Port Angeles city council members and Port of Port Angeles commissioners met yesterday in a joint meeting talking about Lincoln Park trees.

Trees at the city park are infringing on the approach into the port's Fairchild Airport nearby.

The Federal Aviation Administration says eight trees must be removed immediately to restore instrument approaches into the airport. The FAA halted such approaches in late April.

Yesterday, council members and port commissioners agreed that the eight trees should come down.

They also approved a memo to proceed with a cooperative effort for an environmental assessment on dealing with the larger issue of other trees at the park that are hampering future approaches into the airport.

Yesterday the group talked about other alternatives, including topping the trees, the installation of warning lights near the tops of the trees, or even expanding the landing strip to the west so the trees are not an issue.

The city Council passed the memo on a 4-2 vote yesterday with Sissi Bruch and Lee Whethem voting no, saying the didn't like the wording in part of the agreement. Port commissioners were unanimous in passing the memo.

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