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Another forum on future of Lincoln Theater tonight

June 4th, 2014 - 3:26pm

(PORT ANGELES) The Port Angeles Arts Council will host another forum tonight in an effort to see if the Lincoln Theater can find a new owner that will use it to promote the arts.

The iconic theater was sold back on March 2nd after 98 years of running films for the Port Angeles community.

The previous owner, Sun Basin Theaters, decided to sell the theater when they realized converting it to modern digital technology would not be cost effective.

Since the sale, various arts groups have been formulating ways to keep the theater open and functioning as an arts based center.

Amy McIntyre, who serves as the President for the Port Angeles Arts Council, is hosting tonight's forum.

She says that the last forum served as a launching pad for a number of ideas for the theater.

McIntyre says that 60 people showed up at the last forum, and she fully expects to have another good turn out and brain storming session.

That will take place at Studio Bob, 118-and-a-half East Front Street in Port Angeles, tonight at 6:00.

The Lincoln went on the market in early May, listed at 259-thousand dollars.

There have been no serious offers on the property yet.

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