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Parking and restrooms proposed for Haller Playfields

June 4th, 2014 - 3:29pm

(Sequim) The Albert Haller Playfields complex in Sequim could get closer to completion with the addition of 93 parking spots and a permanent restroom facility.

The Sequim Parks and Recreation Board gave their approval back on May 13th.

Those opposed to the effort are calling it an expansion.

But Craig Stevenson of Sequim Family Advocates, says this is a misnomer, as the project will allow for the completion of the infrastructure of the park, including the parking areas and the restroom facilities.

Detractors for the project say that the new restrooms will serve as a magnet for vandals and vagrants, and do not want any further building to take place at the site near North Rhodefer Road.

Approval is still needed by the city before the project can go ahead, but Stevenson feels that the playfields could see these improvements by this summer.

Stevenson credits the Haller Foundation for their support of the project.

He says that they will fund the completion of the parking areas and restroom facilities once the permits have been issued by the city.

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