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Missing Sequim woman seen in King County

June 5th, 2014 - 6:49pm

(Shoreline) -- Port Townsend Police say a Sequim woman missing since May 1st has been seen alive and well in the King County community of Shoreline.

PT Police public information officer Patrick Fudally says 23-year-old Lauryn Garrett was positively identified by surveillance video from a Shoreline Fred Meyer store on Tuesday afternoon.

Fudally says Lauryn went into the store, attempting to return merchandise without a receipt, while providing identification that did not belong to her.

Fudally says a clerk at Fred Meyer, who grew up in the same area as the Garrett family, recognized Lauryn and contacted her parents, who in turn notified Port Townsend Police.

Pictures from the video were shared with Lauryn's father, Fred Garrett, who confirmed it was his daughter in the store.

Fudally says based on Laurynís confirmed identification, the fact that she seems unwilling to contact family members, and there was no sign Lauryn was in duress or any danger, authorities have determined she is no longer missing for the purpose of their investigation.

Police are still encouraging Lauryn to contact her family or law enforcement to ease her familyís concerns.

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