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City looks to car tab fee increase, taxing district to fix streets

June 10th, 2014 - 5:32am

(PORT ANGELES)-- Port Angeles streets are taking a beating, literally and well as financially, and the city is looking at two ways to raise more money for the fix.

City public works and utilities director, Craig Fulton, grades the city's 154 miles of streets and alleys 35% out of 100, which he referred to as “poor”.

Fulton says the city doesn't have the money to make the repairs. He says funding could come from adding an additional 20 dollars on city car tabs. The city council could enact that without a vote of the people.

But Fulton says a voter-approved formation of a transportation benefit taxing district would be a better solution. That would allow the city to increase the sales tax rate with the money going to transportation projects. The city of Sequim has a similar tax in place.

Fulton estimated that the sales tax could bring in $500 to $550-thousand dollars per year. Up to now, the City has been repairing the streets with money out of the general fund.

Fulton says right now it would take about $65-million dollars to repair all of the city's streets and alleys.

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