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Trees coming down, road resdesigned to improve PA airport

June 11th, 2014 - 5:18am

(PORT ANGELES)-- Two projects are underway to improve operations at Fairchild airport in Port Angeles.

Port and city of Port Angeles have also agreed to the remove nine trees at the east end of the airport's runway. The FAA labeled the trees in April as an obstruction into the airport and required their removal to lift restrictions on instrument landings into the airport.

Seven of the trees slated for removal are located in Lincoln Park, one other is on city property north of the Lincoln Park ball fields and another is on Port property.

Bidders will be provided with a survey of the affected trees and as part of their bid for the project, they will be allowed to harvest the wood from the trees. The value of the wood is expected to be included for financial consideration as part of their bid. The selected contractor will also be responsible for stump removal, grading, and clean up of the removed trees.

In another project, Scarsella Brothers will soon begin work on the airport access road, expanding it to the west where it will turn north to meet the property line at Rite Brothers Aviation. They are scheduled to complete the road within 70 days giving them a completion date on or near September 16th of this year.

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