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PC Foundation helps stuggling mom with van donation

June 12th, 2014 - 5:28am

(PORT ANGELES) A young single mother who was balancing childcare, work, education, and four hours worth of bus commutes, received help in the form of a refurbished Dodge Caravan, courtesy of the Peninsula College Foundation.

Meskerem Zega is originally from Ethiopia, where she met a man from the Olympic Peninsula. They married and had a son, and a little over two years ago they left Zega’s homeland and moved to Port Angeles.

Shortly after their arrival, Zega found herself raising her son on her own, and nowhere to live. Her limited English was also proving to be a challenge.

Zega enrolled at Peninsula College, to study accounting and business, her profession when she lived in Ethiopia. As it would turn out, college turned out to be the place where she found the help she needed.

Getta Rogers is the development manager for the Peninsula College Foundation, a non-profit group that provides scholarships and other means of support for students. One support mechanism provided by the foundation is their vehicle program, where a refurbished vehicle is provided for students in need.

Zega's four hours of commuting time have been greatly reduced, helping her to balance a 17-hour work week at Serenity House, family responsibilities and college classes.

She is currently working to earn her AAS in Business Administration through Peninsula College.

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