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Local lawmaker chairing task force to change justice system

June 26th, 2014 - 5:17am

(OLYMPIA) Governor Inslee has formed a new task force aimed at improving Washington State's criminal justice system, and has named Senator Jim Hargrove to co-chair the effort.

Known as the Justice Reinvestment Task Force, numerous participants will work on ways to reduce recidivism by analyzing crime-based data. Known as “evidence-based practices”, Washington has been a leader in this methodology.

Senator Hargrove says they are looking to find ways that ultimately will save taxpayer money, using tools such as drug courts and other differed prosecution among other things for certain crimes.

Property crimes, in particular, burglaries seem to be on the rise in Washington. That is a reflected trend here in Clallam County. Hargrove hopes that the efforts of this task force will provide new approaches in curbing that trend.

Hargrove said that the task force has already had one meeting and expects another three or four will follow. He hopes that the task force will have some solutions ready by the next legislative session.

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