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City looking to ways to curb law and justice costs

June 27th, 2014 - 5:16am

(PORT ANGELES)-- Jail costs for the city of Port Angeles are causing the city to consider some major changes in the way they do business when it comes to the way they prosecute crime.

The time a person may sit in the county jail before they see a judge for their Port Angles-based offense, has been running up the tab for the city to the point where they could exceed their current $650-thousand dollar budget by over $300-thousand dollars.

Judge Rick Porter recently stepped up the court calendar for the City of Port Angeles from a Tuesday only session, to a Monday through Thursday schedule. That will cut down the amount of time the City pays the County to house an inmate prior to trial.

City Attorney, Bill Bloor, gave a presentation to the city council that outlined a number of suggestions the city may want to consider to further lower its costs. Looking to things such as alternative prosecutions and deferment programs.

But despite these proposed sentencing alternatives, Bloor says that the city will not abandon its responsibility to make sure that violators are held responsible for their actions.

The city will digest the recommendations and meet again on July 15th where possible action and implementation of these suggestions could take place.

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