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County treasurer seeks correction on loan interpretation

July 1st, 2014 - 6:51am

(Port Angeles) – Clallam County commissioners took no action yesterday on a 36-page report from the county treasurer seeking a “correction” on the county administrator's interpretation of an Attorney General opinion on the county loaning money to the city of Port Angeles.

Treasurer Selinda Barkuis claims administrator Jim Jones was incorrect last fall that an AG's opinion allowed the county to loan money to the city of Port Angeles to help with a collapsing bluff at the city's landfill. The comments were made during a joint meeting between county commissioners and the city council as the city sought nearly eight million dollars.

The comments happened nearly ten months ago, but yesterday Barkuis brought the request for a correction. She disagrees county commissioners may have sole discretion to loan some money provided it didn't reduce the county's overall fund reserves.

Barkhuis called Jones' interpretation grossly inaccurate and, as the elected treasurer, it was within her right to correct the issue.

Jones says he stands by what was said in the meeting.

Commissioners yesterday told Barkuis the issue was settled long ago and moot since the commission decided not to loan the money.

Barkuis is running unopposed for a second term as treasurer this fall.

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