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Air quality study topic of discussion Sunday in PA

July 8th, 2014 - 3:16pm

(Port Angeles) -- Results of a year-long Air Quality Saturation Study in Clallam County will be discussed Sunday in Port Angeles.

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency’s Senior Air Monitoring Specialist, Dr. Odelle Hadley, will present the final results and analysis on Sunday, July 13th, beginning at 4 p.m. in the Carver Room at North Olympic Library at 2210 South Peabody, Port Angeles.

ORCAA Public Information Officer Dan Nelson says Dr. Hadley will discuss the seasonal variation of air quality in Clallam County, as well as the dominant air pollution sources in each season.

Nelson tells us the data will impact future air quality monitoring in Clallam County.

The study consisted of 4 study monitors placed at various locations along with the old permanent monitor.

The equipment from the Saturation Study has now been relocated to Jefferson County and the data from the year-long Clallam County program has been compiled and analyzed.

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency launched the effort in 2013 to help the agency plan future air quality monitoring programs.

The results from the series of saturation studies will be used to determine where permanent air quality monitors should be located in each of the six counties that ORCAA regulates.

ORCAA decided to begin this series of studies in Clallam County in 2013, followed by Jefferson County in 2014.

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