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Study says Port provided about 2,000 jobs in Clallam in 2012

July 9th, 2014 - 3:32pm

(Port Angeles) A Port of Port Angeles economic impact analysis shows the port provided about two-thousand direct jobs in Clallam County in 2012.

The port contracted to have the study done in an effort to get a look at the port's economic footprint in all of its lines of business.

Port executive director Ken O'Holleran says he thinks the study is an important tool for the port moving forward.

The study showed port activities generated just under 41-hundred indirect jobs in the county in 2012.

The port brought in 70-million dollars in direct income and was responsible for more than 100-million in indirect business income for Clallam County.

Port commission president Jim Hallett says the next step will be to use the information to look at the port's strategic plan.

The study took a longer-term look at economic activity over the past few years.

It showed the port, like most of the economy, suffered tougher times beginning in 2008.

The report did show declines in continued airport activiry, topside repair, fishing industry, and boat moorage at its marinas.

The report shows a sharp spike in log exports in the last three years and a strong rebound in Black Ball Ferry embarkments since 2008.

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