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Panhandler faces robbery charge Thursday

July 9th, 2014 - 3:38pm

(Port Angeles) A panhandler who allegedly pulled a knife on a Bremerton man Monday will face robbery charges.

61-year-old Daniel James Jackson will appear in Clallam County Superior Court tomorrow (Thursday) at 3 p.m.

Prosecutors say he will be charged with second-degree assault.

Jackson is being held in the Clallam County Jail on 5-thousand dollars bail.

The incident about 12:30 Monday afternoon outside the eastside Port Angeles Safeway store.

Reports say a family leaving the store was aggressively harassed by Jackson.

After arriving back at their vehicle, two men in the family needed to return to the store after spilling food.

Reports say after leaving the store for a second time, one of the men was harassed again by Jackson, then threatened with a knife.

The second man saw what was happening and shoved the suspect to the ground, where he sustained face and head injuries.

Jackson was transported by Medics to the Olympic Medical Center and later released from the hospital to be booked into Jail.

If anyone witnessed the event is asked to contact Deputy Bill Cortani or Sergeant Eric Munger at 417-2459.

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