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ONP will move Enchanted Valley Chalet

July 28th, 2014 - 6:17pm

PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) - Olympic National Park says it's going to move a historic chalet that's being threatened by the shifting east fork of the Quinault River.

Chalet photo May 31, 2014 by Dan Kari

The Enchanted Valley Chalet, located 13 miles from the nearest road, was built as a backcountry lodge in the 1930s, before the creation of the park.

More recently, it has been used as a wilderness ranger station and emergency shelter.

Chalet photo May 31, 2014 by Dan Kari

Visitors last winter noticed the river had come within 18 inches of the chalet, and Park Service officials say recent photographs show the river undercutting the building by about 8 feet.

They say that if the chalet falls into the river it could harm protected bull trout.

Plans call for moving it away from the river bank before fall rains begin, and then undertaking a study and public review to figure out what to do with the structure long-term.

The National Park Service said Monday it does not yet have details about how and when it will move the chalet.

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