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Burned transfer station fix nearly done

July 29th, 2014 - 5:57am

(Port Angeles) -- The Blue Mountain Transfer Station is nearly rebuilt following a fire that destroyed the facility back in November of 2013.

In Monday's County Commissioner's work session, Public Works Administrative Director, Bob Martin, said that the transfer station is approximately 95% rebuilt and has been in full operation since May of this year.

Upgrades have been made using fire resistant materials, as this is the second time the facility has been destroyed by fire. Some small projects that involve plumbing, electrical and drywall remain. A grant has also been obtained to create a concrete pad for the garbage bins rather than asphalt, which crumbles and erodes under the weight of the metal bins.

Martin says costs were kept down and should total $125,762-dollars to finish the project. The original estimate came in at $180,679-dollars.

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