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Sequim prepared for added sewer use

August 1st, 2014 - 6:15am

(SEQUIM)-- As Clallam County and Sequim grow closer to an agreement that will provide sewer services for Carlsborg, the county's plan for the project shows that Sequim will benefit by receiving more than $6-million dollars in the deal.

The revenue would come from the increased use of the Sequim wastewater treatment plant as Carlsborg piggy-backs on the Sequim sewer system by pumping its sewage to the Sequim facility. The county's plan is currently under review by the Department of Ecology before it can proceed with the permit process and then go out for bid.

Taking on an additional community's waste water might raise concern over the capacity of Sequim's wastewater treatment plant, especially if the area experiences another boom in population sometime in the future. Sequim Public Works Director, Paul Haines, says that Sequim has already taken that into account and the plant has capacity out to the year 2035.

For Carlsborg to utilize Sequim's sewage system, the short term costs over a 14-year period are about $4.5 million dollars cheaper, while long term costs taken over a 20-year period after the initial cost years, add another $9.5 million dollars in savings.

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