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Sequim school board to readdress transgender policy

August 1st, 2014 - 6:19am

(Sequim) -- The Sequim School Board will meet to rehash transgender policy issues Monday.

State law requires public school districts to have policies in place that prohibit discrimination against transgender students.

The school board in Sequim took a first look at a proposed policy for the District last month and will re-visit the issue Monday.

Sequim School Superintendent Kelly Shea he says it's his job to implement procedures that adequately address the needs of all students.

Last year, Shea says two students identified themselves as transgender.

So far, only use of the restrooms and locker rooms to change for gym class have been an issue.

No transgender participation in school athletics or other after school activities has yet occurred.

Shea indicated he worked on transgender procedures last year, even before the state mandated new policy.

He says the district is trying to respond to a lot of community concern on the issue.

Shea says it appears most people are supportive of the non-discrimination policy of state law, but they're perplexed on the practical matters of providing extra facilities so that all students are properly accommodated.

The Sequim School Board meets Monday night at 7 in the District Board room on North Sequim Avenue.

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