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Clallam commission chair offers to quit over fellow commissioner's agenda

August 5th, 2014 - 5:39am

(Port Angeles)-- Monday's work session for the Clallam County Commissioners had a surprise just thirty minutes into the session as Commissioner Mike Chapman offered to step down from his position as chairman.

Chapman felt that he has been under criticism lately due to several spirited discussions that have taken place between commissioners over the past few weeks. Chapman has been the chairperson for the last year and a half.

Quiet for most of the first thirty minutes of the work session, Chapman then made this announcement. "I'll just throw this out there, you're not happy with what I'm doing here. So, maybe I should step down and let someone else run these meetings," said Chapman. "Frankly, I'm not having any fun running these meetings, I'm being accused of stuff I'm not doing and I wish one of you would take it on."

Chapman went on to address fellow commissioner Doherty more directly, as to agenda issues and how the protocols have been handled recently. Doherty has repeatedly pressed for discussions, particularly on climate change, to be taken up by the commission. Doherty responded to Chapman's remarks as the meeting continued.

"There is that avenue that a board member can put some items on the agenda, and that works for me," said Doherty. "Whatever you interpreted my words to be, you are incorrect. I'm satisfied with you as chair."

The commissioners went on to address several topics on the agenda, added last week at the request of Commissioner Doherty under the “Unfinished Business” category. Those topics included marijuana zoning for marijuana retailers, storm water, climate change, and the report from the state attorney general's office regarding the County's Community Development Director, Sheila Roark Miller.

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