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County coordinating cooperative buying program to aid local police

August 6th, 2014 - 5:36am

(Port Angeles)-- Two methods of providing Clallam County police agencies with more buying power were presented to the Clallam County commissioners this week.

Undersheriff, Ron Peregrin, says the moves would bolster the ability of police departments within the county to more effectively do their jobs.

Peregrin says the Sheriff's Department directly benefits from a cooperative purchasing agreement by combining their buying power with the City of Redmond.

Peregrin says that such a buying agreement has aided the Sheriff's Department with the acquisition and installation of specialized equipment for their patrol cars.

Another budget saving tool, was a grant from the feds, known as the Stonegarden Program. This grant provides funding for a number of police agencies in the county, and is meant for both personnel and equipment enhancement.

Peregrin noted several equipment upgrades such as improved portable radios that allow inter agency communication between the Sheriffs and other police agencies. He says they're also able to add upgraded computers for the patrol cars, dash cams, and GPS tracking units that enable dispatch to monitor the locations of patrol cars.

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