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City passes electric utility plan

August 21st, 2014 - 5:41am

(PORT ANGELES)-- The 2014 Electric Utility Resource Plan was unanimously passed at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

City staff say despite a projected increase in utility rates, Clallam County continues to remain very competitive with rates in other parts of the country.

The resource plan is required by state law and must be submitted every two years to the Washington State Department of Commerce.

“It's an attempt to allow utilities to look into the future and ensure sure that loads required by their customers are commensurate with the resources that are being planned,” said Port Angeles Power and Telecommunications Resources, Phil Lusk. “Moreover the intent is to ensure that conservation, energy efficiency and renewable resources are first used rather than building conventional generating station such as gas fired peaking plant.”

This year's plan projects a rate increase from the Bonneville Power Administration, which will in turn, cause a local rate increase for Port Angeles Customers.

“Unfortunately, we have to pass Bonneville costs on to our consumers and we have our own requirements for renewals and replacements. For 2015 staff has proposed and council has endorsed an average of 8.71% increase for our residential customers which will have a projected impact of roughly 9 dollars a month,” said Lusk.

Despite these projected increases, Lusk said that there are numerous programs available to assist customers with energy savings along other financial incentives.

Information about home improvement programs can be found on the city's web site: cityofpa.us.

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