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Trees in line cause PA power "blip", outage

August 21st, 2014 - 5:51am

(PORT ANGELES) A one to two second power outage hit much of Port Angeles at around noon on Wednesday, but the Nippon Paper Plant along with 732 residential customers were hit a lot harder than most other customers.

The outage was caused by a tree that fell into power lines on Marine Drive in Port Angeles. For most of Port Angeles and here at KONP, the power outage lasted only seconds, knocking computers and other electronic devices out of service temporarily.

Power was restored to most customers by mid to late afternoon. The Nippon Paper Mill reported no injuries as a result of the power incident.

Cathy Price, the Human Resources Manager for the plant said that the plants operations were totally shut down due to the outage, and that it was too early to figure out what the financial impact on the mill would be.

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