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Glines Canyon Dam blasted

August 27th, 2014 - 5:17am

(Port Angeles) The Elwha River is now running free.

At 4:12 yesterday afternoon, the final blast to demolish the Glines Canyon Dam occurred. The blast removed the last few feet of the dam that once stood more than 200 feet tall.

Olympic National Park officials say the blast met contractor objectives by pulverizing the remaining 30 feet of dam and its underwater support structure known as the dam apron.

The blast was preceded by several weeks of preparation. Contractors first built a temporary access ramp so that an excavator and drill rig could be used to create an extensive pattern of holes into the remaining dam and apron. Blasting experts were on scene all day yesterday to pack the holes with dynamite and set the charges.

The contractor estimates another six to eight weeks of work to remove the rubble and debris from the channel.

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