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Found: Small, brown & white dog
Found a small, brown and white dog on Hwy. 101 near River Rd. in Sequim. Call to identify.
461-3997 03/06

For Sale: Goats
Goats in milk with kids & meat goats. Bucks, mixed breeds. All reasonable to very good homes. Leave message please.
Mary Lou 928-9980

Wanted: Jack Russell Terrier
Looking for a small dog, prefer Jack Russell Terrier, also want info on Blue Sky Farm.
417-5342 02/10

Lost: Tortoise Shell Calico cat
Female Tortoise Shell calico cat named "Kali" missing from 5th Ave in Sequim, near JC Penneys. 4 years old, lean, small build, missing since 1/27. Greatly missed.
360-936-5107 2/04

Found: Friendly, Brown Rabbit
Small, brown rabbit found on 2nd and Jones, domestic and friendly.
460-6500 02/03

For Sale: Chihuahua-Miniature Doberman Mix Pups
5 female Chihuahua-Miniature Doberman Mix puppies, $300.00 each.
360-508-5289 02/03

Found: Orange Tabby Kitten
12 week old, orange Tabby kitten, short haired on Kitchen-Dick Rd. by Pumpkin Patch on 02/02.
452-0414 Ext.2 02/03

For Sale: Mini Dachsund Pups
3 sweet, darling, black and tan, female Mini Dachsund puppies. $500.00.
360-565-6529 02/03

Lost: Black & Tan Dachsund Mix
Black and Tan, spayed female, 20# Dachsund mix, missing from West 2nd near Safeway (slipped her leash)but was seen near the YMCA, she may be trying to get home on Deer Park Rd. I am currently pet sitting her. Friendly, named "Luna".
360-477-2532 1/29

Lost: Grey Female Cat
8 month old, solid grey female cat, missing from 126 W. Hammond St. in Sequim.
360-809-9229 1/22

Lost: Tuxedo Cat
Black and white male tuxedo cat with identity chip. Area, 1400 block Georgiana St. behind Papa Murphy's.
457-3500 1/21

Lost: Black Male Cat
6 year old, 11 pound, black male cat, no collar, missing from Sunland-Jamestown Area in Sequim since 1/19, named "Goose".
206-930-1718 01/21

Lost: Male Maine Coon Cat
7 year Maine Coon, male cat, named "Freddy", missing from W. 7th in PA.
360-775-7805 01/20

Lost: Male Tabby Cat
9 month old, neutered male, brownish grey striped Tabby, missing from 54 Old Coyote Way, near Carrie Blake Park in Sequim, no collar, missing since 1/18.
360-627-0237 01/20

Lost: Male Abyssinian Cat
Male Abyssinian cat with classic ruddy coat missing from Ryder and East Alder St. in Sequim. Has flea collar with tag. Contact Cheryl Powell.
360-460-0692 01/16

Lost: Male Dog
Brown, gold, and white 15-year-old male Papillon lost at Sunny Farms. No collar but micro chipped. Completely deaf. Contact Manty Tinker.
360-477-3560 01/13

Found: Male Dog
Brown and white male dog found around the Albertsons area. Has collar and seems family oriented. Contact via e-mail with description of dog.
cinnamon4kula56@gmail.com 01/12

For Sale: Chihuahuas.
Ten week old Chihuahuas. 3 female and 1 male. They all have first shots. $300 each. Contact Janice Marienau.
360-582-7672 01/12

For Sale: Cows.
Two cows for sale. They are great mothers. $1,500 each OBO. Contact Ken Simmental.
477-7250 01/12

Lost: Female Cat
Missing since December 26th near Happy valley in Sequim, a 2 year old, female black cat named "Cutie".No collar or chip. Contact Deana.
683-7393 12/29

For Sale: (15) Rabbits and Fertilizer
(15) Rabbits for sale, $15.00 each. Rabbits fertilizer for sale, 25# bag for 415.00.
460-2100 12/22

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd
Missing for 3 months from the Dungeness area near Nash's, a 13 year old, tri-colored, female Australian Shepherd, microchipped.
477-4258 12/19

Lost: Tri-Colored Rat Terrier
11 month old, female, Tri-Colored Rat Terrier missing from Gasman Rd. and Old Olympic Hwy. since 12/13, wearing a green and blue collar with a "bone" shaped tag with owner's info and dog's name "Bailey".
Pet Posse 775-5154 12/16

Lost: Grey Persian cat
Grey, female Persian cat, missing from 9th and Cherry, PA, since 12/05. friendly, named "Mercedes".
477-9724 12/16

Lost:Teacup Yorkie
12 yr. old, female teacup Yorkie, 2.5-3 pounds, missing from E. 13th, near Jefferson School and St. Matthews Lutheran Church since 12/13, named "Sassy", microchiped, no collar, we are babysitting her for a family member.
360-460-7607 12/15

Free: 2 male Rats
2 Male rats, less than one year old, need a new home. One is black, the other is black and white. Includes two cages. Free to a good home. Call Dan Sager.
360-808-9737 12/12

Lost: Long haired grey/brown tabby
Long haired grey/brown tabby. 1+ year old female. Lost near Albertsons. Very friendly.
360-477-1663 12/10

Found: Male Collie
A male Collie was found on 7th and Prairie in Sequim. He's been running for several months.
477-4258 ask for Amy or leave message 12/08

Free: Rooster and laying hen
Free rooster and laying hen. Please rescue this pair from a predator I have had problems with! Thanks!
Karen 683-9146

Lost/Stolen: Orange Persian cat
Orange Persian cat missing from Sequim. Older and friendly.
360-477-0770 12/02

Lost: Brown Chihuahua
1.5 year old, brown, female Chihuahua, missing from Joslin Rd. since 11/29.
360-477-4641 12/01

Lost: Tortoise shell cat
Small, female, longer haired tortoise shell cat, missing from Lost Mtn. Rd. since 11/17.
681-8864 11/20

Lost: Black Lab Mastiff mix
Black Lab-Mastiff mix with white undercoat, missing from So. Bagley Creek Rd. area.
Jennifer 360-808-3326 11/20

For Sale: Spring Lambs
3 spring lambs, all born in March, $199 each.
James 460-1314

For Sale: American Laying Hens
5 TO 7 Americana Laying Hens, naturally fed, no laying mash, they were chicks from Airport Garden Center in 2013 & 14. $15.00 each

Wanted: Barn cat
Looking for a barn cat to hunt mice.
681-4415 11/11

Free: Beautiful black & white cat
3 year old, beautiful, neutered, black & white male cat is free to a good home. He is aggressive and needs to be an only pet. I have all of his paperwork.
Julie 683-5460 11/11

Found: Black cat, white chest/paws
A few months ago a black cat with white chest and paws started hanging around the Carrie Blake Park area in Sequim. We are feeding it but it needs a home.
858-395-1551 11/11

Lost: Black Lab/Malamute mix
Black Lab/Malamute mix, Black with brown on back, missing from Marine Drive, Boat Haven area, named "Blue".
Steven 461-1110 11/10

Lost: Blond, curly Wheaton Terrier
Blonde, curly haired Wheaton Terrier missing from downtown Sequim since the morning of 11/10, red and blue collar, medium sized, 32#.
808-3877 11/10

Lost: Grey cat, white belly, legs, face
Missing from 1506 W. 11th since 11/06, all grey, neutered male cat with white belly, chest and face, micro-chipped.
460-0714 11/07

For sale: Singing Canary
Singing canary with cage $150.00, or without cage, bird only $50.00.
928-3447 11/04

Free: Border Collie mix pup
10 week old, male, Border collie mix pup.
460-6647 11/04

Free: Female Rabbit
2 year old, white, female rabbit.
Megan 457-9433 10/30

For sale: Chihuahua Puppy
7 week old, female, white and brown Chihuahua, has been vet checked and dewormed. Sweet little girl with white "boots" and tip of her tail. $350.00.
Tawny 457-1004

Lost: Male Siberian Husky
65-70#, 6 year old, neutered, male Siberian Husky, missing from Diamond Point since 10/06, micro chipped and wearing orange collar.
928-5483 10/08

Lost: Long haired Calico
Very friendly, spayed female, long haired calico missing from 200 Madera Dr., (Solmar area). Orange, black, grey, stripes, one eye and crinkled ear, named "Jade".
681-7276 10/07

Found: Yellow Lab
Big, friendly, yellow lab found on 9/27 at Spencer & Joslin Rds.
683-0179 9/29

Lost: Light brown Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix
Light brown, 20#, male Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, no collar, un-neutered, shorter haircut, named Teddy, friendly. Missing from Seibert's Creek Rd. since 9/20
452-4637 or 775-6835 9/24

Found/Seen: Tuxedo Cat
Small Black and white cat, looks to be 6-12 months old. Sweet and shy, been wandering E. Silberhorn neighborhood.

Free: Rooster
5 month old Bard Rock rooster, free.
683-2922 after 6 pm 9/23

Found: Sweet, older, male Lab
Sweet, older, un-neutered, skinny, black male Lab, found on Hwy. 112 in Joyce on 9/21. Camouflage collar.
650-245-2537 9/22

Lost: Black male cat, green eyes
Solid black, neutered male cat, missing since approx. 9/15 from 7th & 8th St. area between B and C St., green eyes, short hair.
360-797-4948 9/22

Lost: Black & White cat
Neutered, male cat, black with white blaze on chest and face, four white feet, microchipped. Missing from Riverside Rd., Secor are of Sequim. Last seen Sept. 10th.
582-0339 9/18

Free: Orange cat
Sweet, neutered, male outdoor, orange cat. Adopted owner had stroke, not able to keep. Needs a good, safe, indoor-outdoor home.
928-3447 9/17

Lost: Large Tan Tabby cat
Large, male, tan tabby cat, looks like mini cougar, missing from Hillcrest Drive, top of Peabody and Ahlvers. Named Nemo, just moved there. Neutered and chipped but shy.
Molly 808-2378 9/16

Found: Shepherd mix
50# un-neutered, male Shepherd mix found on Taylor-Cutoff Rd. in Sequim on 9/14, shepherd coloring.
683-5325 9/15

Found: Black & white Kitty
Found in Carlsborg, black & white kitty. Been mooching from neighbors for a few weeks. Please, claim or adopt.
681-4129 9/15

Free: Rooster
Healthy rooster. 5 month old colorful Aracuna. Sequim.

Found: Siamese Cat
Cream colored Siamese cat with black markings hanging around Mark's Mobile Tune on Marine Drive on 9/11.
Mark's Mobile Tune on Marine Drive 9/11

For Sale: 13 Romney Sheep
13 Romney sheep, including large, gentle & proven ram. Prices range from $100-$200. Discounts for multiple. Farm located between Pt. Angeles & Sequim.
Jen 461-9588

Found: Pet Rooster
Beautiful pet rooster found on Old Olympic Hwy. between Barr Rd. and McDonnell Creek on 9/09.
452-1283 9/11

Lost: Brindle Pit Bull mix
Spayed, brindle, friendly, female Pit bull wearing green collar with tags, 70 pounds, 7 years old, named "Diamond". REWARD!
360-300-7406 or 360-300-7408 9/10

Lost: White & grey Chiweenie
Un-neutered male, white and grey Chiweenie missing form 112 W. 5th since 9/08.
775-4673 9/09

Free: 3 Hereford mix bulls & 2 cows
Short horned Hereford mix cattle for sale, (2) bulls, 3 years old, breedable or meat and 2 cows, bred, $1000.00 each.
Ron 452-7213 9/09

Free: Black rabbit
Free 5-6 month old, black rabbit to good home, with bedding, food and water bottle, you will need a cage.
452-8953 9/09

Lost: Prairie Dog
Prairie dog missing from Key Rd. & Mt. Pleasant area, has been seen 2 miles South.
452-1746 9/08

Lost: Long hair orange cat
Long hair orange cat, female, micro chipped. Missing from Macleay road area.

Found: Siamese cat
Beautiful Siamese cat found on Woodcock Rd. area on 8/31, in pretty bad shape, identify gender, eye and fur color.
683-4622 9/02

Free: Rooster
5 month old, healthy, handsome Aracona rooster. Sequim.
504-2794 Jeanette 9/02

Wanted: Young Puppy
Our best friend just died(a dachshund-cocker mix). Broken hearted family of 3 offers a loving, safe & fenced home.
460-8434 9/02

Lost: Male Himalayan cat
Male Himalayan cat, cream colored with grey tips, long, fluffy tail, missing from Dungeness Meadows since 8/23.
477-4438 8/29

Found: Med. size black dog, longer hair
Medium sized, longer haired male dog, white on chest, no collar, super itchy, patches of hair missing from hind quarters. Found near Swains on Front & Albert on 8/27.
Chelsea work 452-4624 ext. 604 or cell# 477-2341 8/27

For Sale: Katahdin locker lamb
Katahdin locker lamb, $4.00/pound plus processing.

Lost: Yorkie/Pomeranian Mix
Light brown coat with a blue collar, named "Brutus". He is 13-years old and wandered off on Thursday, July 31st, near 15th Street in Port Angeles. Offering a $300 reward.
Contact Shauna or Brian at 461-6154 8/25

Found: Small dog, possibly Chihuahua mix
Found Sunday, 8/24 at St. Andrews Place on Park Ave., a small, brown dog, possibly a Chihuahua mix.
457-5180 8/25

Lost: Mini Dachsund
Reddish colored, female Mini Dachsund, microchipped, missing from 127 Lopez since 8/20, she's an indoor dog, so her disappearance is a mystery.
452-7601 8/21

Lost: Border Collie/Blue Heeler
6 month old Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, lost on 8/20 from Monroe Rd. Cemetary, black & white female, black Harley Davidson collar, no tags, named "Dottie".
Chris (work) 457-1550 or msg phone 775-4435 and leave message 8/21

For Sale: 3 month old goats
3 month old Nubian/Kinder female goats. Asking $40-$50. To good homes with adequate fencing only.
360-928-9980 and leave message

Lost: Large white cat, tabby markings
Large, white male cat with black and grey tabby markings, missing from South Mt. Angeles Rd.
477-2584 8/14

Lost: Yorkie/Pomeranian Mix
Light brown coat with a blue collar, named "Brutus". He is 13-years old and wandered off on Thursday, July 31st, near 15th Street in Port Angeles. Offering a $300 reward.
Contact Shauna or Brian at 461-6154 8/1

Free: 2 Cockatiels
Need to find a good home for 2 cockatiels. Must go together, can't be separated.
Mary 457-3197

For Sale: Romney sheep with lamb
10 year old Romney mama sheep with 6 month old female lamb. $150.00.
452-5471 8/12

Lost: Brown & Black Yorkie
4 year old brown and black Yorkie named Toby, missing from Priest Rd. area in Sequim since 8/09.
Scott 360-775-7385 8/11

Lost: White Himalayan Cat
White, male Himalayan cat, flat face, blue eyes, no collar, missing from corner of 9th & E since 8/08.
206-550-2263 8/11

Found: Pomeranian
Female Pomeranian, approximately 10-12 years old, without collar, tags, or chip, found near Barr Road in unincorporated Port Angeles. Currently being held at the Blue Mountain Animal Clinic.
457-3842 8/5

Lost: Black Lab Puppy
5-month old female black lab with white fur on chest and chin and wearing a purple collar, named Kya. Lost on Thursday, July 31st, near Breezy Lane in Port Angeles.
Contact Amanda at (360) 477-9524. 8/1

Lost: Yorkie/Pomeranian Mix
Light brown coat with a blue collar, named "Brutus". He is 13-years old and wandered off on Thursday, July 31st, near 15th Street in Port Angeles. Offering a $300 reward.
Contact Shauna or Brian at 461-6154 8/1

Found: Female German Shepherd
Female German shepherd found on the corner of Front. St. and Laurel St. around 2 pm on 7/30.
Taken to Humane Society 7/30

Found: Harlequin Great Dane
Harlequin Great Dane found on Schoolhouse Point in Sequim on 7/29.
683-3378 7/30

Seen: Yellow Lab/Safeway
Yellow Lab wandering at Safeway on Lincoln St.
no number 7/15

Found: Black & White English Setter
Black and white, neutered male English Setter found on 7/15 at Francis and Lauridsen Blvd., wearing red collar with license & tags.
360-640-9512 7/15

Lost: Brown and white Pit Bull pup
6 month old, female, pit bull puppy, brown with white on chest and paws, wearing orange collar, missing from Rock Plaza in Sequim.
477-5106 7/11

Lost: Russian Blue male cat
Russian Blue male cat, fell out of open window in Sunland, Sequim, WA. (Hilltop Drive) on 7/07, ran into woods scared. Boobed, crooked tail, microchipped.
Ted 683-2178 7/10

Lost: Snowshoe Siamese cat
9 year old, Snowshoe Siamese female cat, named "Rosie", missing from So. Laurel & Ahlvers. Reward offered.
775-6956 or 775-6739 7/10

Wanted: Small dog
I am searching for a small dog to be a companion for me. I can offer a great home.
Colleen 457-2788

Free: Kitten
Free kitten to good home.
477-5136 7/09

Lost: Black and White Pit Bull
110#, female, black and white spotted Pit Bull wearing purple collar, missing from Avis and Leighland Ave. since 7/08, friendly but shy, named "Stormy".
1-360-689-2836 7/09

Lost: Seal Point Siamese cat
15#, neutered male, Seal Point Siamese cat, blue eyes, missing from Columbus & Cherry since 7/07.
713-628-2870 7/08

Lost: Buff colored Longhair Chihuahua-Pom mix
7# female, buff colored, long haired Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, no collar, missing from 517 E. 12th, by library, since 7/02.

Seen: White rabbit
Seen, Big white rabbit in my back yard on Cherry Hill.
457-5786 7/02/14

For Sale: Tortoise - Box Turtle
Tortoise-box turtle for sale for $100.00.
Jasmine 797-1139 7/01/14

For Sale: Chihuahua-Shih Tzu Puppies
Adorable Chihuahua-Shih Tzu puppies for sale. Born May 7th, happy and healthy. $250.00.
808-3681 7/01/14

For Sale: Sheep
Sheep, Moms and babies, some Katahdin, some Dorper-Katahdin cross. $100 each, could discount for multiple purchase.
James 460-1314 6/25/14

Found: West Highland Terrier
White, neutered male, West Highland Terrier found on the West end of Woodcock Rd., Sequim on 6/23.
681-7234 6/24/14

Lost: Grey cat with some orange
Grey, short haired, female cat with some orange in her fur, missing from Dungeness are near Nash's organic since 6/20. 7 years old, shy, saggy belly, named "Lilykins"

Lost: Orange Tabby Cat, extra thumbs
Orange, male tabby cat w/extra thumbs, microchipped. Missing from Hansen Rd. area near Hwy 101 & 112 intersection. WEST PA. Reward!
Kate 461-2842

Free: Kittens
Super cute black and white kittens, ready for adoption.
775-0892 John 6/20/14

Lost: Shih Tzu
Black and white, shaggy, male, 10# Shih Tzu, missing from Lost mountain Rd. since 6/18. Named "Cow" looks like a Holstein, very friendly.
360-683-5603 6/19/14

Found: Orange Male Tabby Cat
Orange, male tabby cat, under 1 year old, found on 6/14, 2 miles up Hooker Rd. on Farm Creek Lane, very friendly, was very hungry.
670-6477 6/17/14

Lost: Fawn female Pug
Female, fawn colored Pug with black on snout, spayed and microchipped, missing from 625 E. 2nd, near Swains since 6/16, named "Connie".
360-808-3595 6/16/14

Lost: Black cat, white paws & chest
2 year old, un-neutered male cat, black with white paws & some white on chest, missing from Gales Addition, East 6th St. since 6/12, just moved there.
477-7121 6/16/14

Lost: Airedale-Pointer mix
Lost on 6/15, an Airdale-Short Haired Pointer mix dog.
670-3994 6/16/14

Lost: Grey Female Cat
1 year old, solid grey female cat, missing from Dunlap & Fir. in Sequim since 6/10, microchipped and spayed, no collar, short haired and skittish, mostly indoor cat.
681-3008 6/16/14

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd
Black and white, female Australian Shepherd named "Cassie" missing since 6/04 from Brigadoon Blvd., Sequim. Microchipped, very shy, hearing loss, 16 years old. Call if seen or contained as she is skittish and would respond best to her people.
683-8881 6/12/14

Lost: One-eyed Persian cat
Neutered, microchipped, white, male, one-eyed Persian cat missing since 6/09/14 from 13th and "L" St.

Wanted: Goats/sheep
We are looking for goats and sheep.

Lost: Indoor Black Manx Kitten
Very small, female, indoor, black Manx kitten (no tail), 7 months old, collar with name and phone number. Missing from Whidbey Ave. by PA high school since 6/04. "Blanche".

Lost: Male Chihuahua Dog
Male Chihuahua named "Polar Bear", Light Cream with White on head, Missing from Chinook Lane and King Street, off Fresh Water Bay Rd. since 5/26.
(360) 928-3274 or (425)402-0608

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd
Black and white, female Australian Shepherd named "Cassie" missing since 6/04 from Brigadoon Blvd., Sequim. Microchipped, very shy, 16 years old. Call if seen or contained as she is skittish and would respond best to her people.
683-8881 6/05/14

Free: Rooster
Free rooster to a good home. I think he's a Rhode Island Red. Carlsborg area.
360-477-6214 6/03/14

Lost: Grey male cat, no tail
Grey, male cat, no tail, missing from Twin View Drive, Sequim (just moved there). Blue collar and flea collar, answers to "Smokey".
714-363-2333 6/03/14

Lost: Black & tan Tabby
Indoor, spayed female cat got out of house on 5/29 on Olympus Ave., near Park Visitor Center. Black & tan tabby, microchipped, white chest and feet, fluffy tail.
452-6774 6/02/14

Lost: Black cat
Small, black, female cat missing from OMC hospital area, been gone since 5/23, named "Mama".
457-3743 or 797-4231 5/29/14

Found: Dark Grey Tabby
Young, possibly female, dark grey tabby, found at Civic Field, possibly been there a week.
912-0215 5/28/14

For Sale: Parakeets with cage & Kitten
Two sweet, young parakeets with cage $50.00, all purchased from Petco for $80.00. Female tabby kitten with self-sifting litter pan, locking lid and food, $30.00.
Tawny 457-1004 5/28/14

Found: 2 Corgies
2 Corgi dogs found on E 5th street between Albert and Vine. One is salt and pepper colored the other is brown, black, and white.
460-4693 5/27/14

Lost: White & black Shih-Tzu-Pom mix
Un-neutered male Shih-Tzu Pom, white with black spots and black eye, wearing black harness, missing since 5/22 from 2031 W. 15th, near Jehovas Witnesses church.
461-5443 5/23/14

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