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Lost: Female Tan Chihuahua Mix
Female Tan Chihuahua with 4 white feet, mix wearing red collar with rhinestones and tag that says "Bella Baby", jumped out of truck at PA Walmart on Fri., June 26th.
208-520-8484 6/29

Found: Male Chocolate Lab
Male Chocolate Lab wearing camo collar found on 1st and Francis on morning of 6/26.
452-9711 6/26

Found: Australian Cattle Dog
Found, near US Bank on Lincoln, Australian Cattle dog.
928-1108 6/22

Lost: Female Yellow Lab
Female yellow Lab missing from Lake Sutherland since Saturday, June 13th.
360-809-0289 6/15

Lost: Female Calico Cat
4 year old, female calico cat, named Lily, is missing from the 1000 block of Eckard Ave. off Mt. Angeles Rd.
360-775-5073 or 360-775-5154 6/09

Lost: Siamese Cat
Older, female Siamese Cat missing from Westview and "M" St. area since 6/05. Please, call if seen.
928-274-2627 or 681-5058 6/08

Lost: Female Tuxedo Cat
Classic Tuxedo cat, female, named Audrey , missing from Lincoln Park area since 5/25. Reward offered.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or Heather 912-4100 6/04

Free: Unbroke Mare
Free To Good Home, Registered, 1/2 Arab Pinto Black & White 14 yr. old Mare. Not broke to ride. She needs someone who will work with her.
Patti 461-9008 6/04

Free: Tan Lab
Free 4 year old, mellow, neutered Tan Lab, well mannered, good companion.
477-7970 6/02

Found: Poodle mix in Joyce
Small Poodle mix, found in Joyce on Piedmont Rd. on 5/27. Owner must identify details.
461-6771 5/29

Lost: Longhaired grey cat
Longhaired, spayed female, grey cat missing from Hunt rd. since 5/26, 10#, microchipped.
775-8256 5/28

Lost: Black and white cat
Short haired cat, mostly black with white, from Dan Kelly Rd, since 5/21, large, male cat, only one good eye (left side). Owner seeks info, whether alive or deceased.
775-5154 or 460-3906 5/27

Found: Possibly Australian Cattle Dog
Found what appears to be an Australian Cattle Dog-Blue Heeler (Catahoula) mix. Un-neutered male, grey-black color with red collar, found on W. 14th and "O" St. on 5/20.
775-5154 5/21

Lost: Dark Brown Tabby
Spayed, female, dark brown tabby, no collar or chip, missing from 600 Block of East Lauridsen Blvd. near Lopez Ave. & Lions Park since May 6th, named "Sally".
452-5698 5/21

Found: Maine Coon type cat
Maine Coon looking cat found between 8th St. Bridges, been hanging around a few months.
460-2431 5/19

Lost: White American Shorthair with markings
White American Shorthair cat with cinnamon markings on crown & saddle, neutered, male, indoor cat, de-clawed, scared, missing since 5/17, from 5th and 6th st. on Prairie, near JC Penney's in Sequim. (Mountain View Apts.)
683-1833 5/18/15

Lost: Orange Male Tabby
Felix is a 14 year old, neutered male, light orange Tabby. Has a notch in one ear. No microchip or collar. Missing from 3100 block of So. Regent near PAHS. Owners miss him.
360-775-5154 5/12

Lost: Russian Box Turtle
Russian Box Turtle, about as big as your hand, missing from 1100 block of W. 5th St. between D and E streets, PA. Escaped May 4th. Call if seen.
775-4036 5/07

Lost: Black, white & grey cat
Fergus is a 7 year old black, white and grey cat, neutered, no ID. Missing since 4/16 from 500 block of Ridgeview Drive, near Dungeness Golf Course, Sequim.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or 797-4139 05/07

Found: Calico Cat
Young, adult Calico cat found on May 2nd in the Guy Kelly Rd., Bagley Creek Rd. area. No collar, very sweet.
681-6677 05/06

Lost: Longhaired grey & black cat
Vince is missing from the 800 block of east 7th. Longhair, white face, chest and feet, otherwise gray and black.
452-0306 Jennie

Found: Peacock
Found a Peacock in our yard on Blue Mountain Rd.
477-3637 04/30

For Sale: Tropical Channel Cat Fish
(2) Tropical Channel Cat Fish, 9" long, $15.00 each.

For Sale: Katahdin Ewe Lambs
3 Katahdin ewe lambs, weaned, locally raised on moms milk and local grass. No hormones, antibiotics or steroids.
Paul 582-1314

Found: Black Female Cat
Small, almost 1 year old, black, female cat, very friendly, no collar, found near Carrie Blake park in Sequim around a week ago.
681-0571 04/22

Lost: Black & Tan Dachsund-Chihuahua mix
Black & Tan Dachsund- Chihuahua mix named Duke. Missing from 15th & Cherry. Little daughters are so sad.
360-912-3897 04/21

For Sale: 2 Rabbits
Female rabbit, 9 months old, ready for breeding, $20.00. Lion Head mini mix dwarf rabbit, beautiful markings $35.00.
452-6649 04/20

Found: Multi colored cat
Found a multi colored young cat on 11th and Oak.
713-628-2870 04/13

Free: Benghali Tabby
Beautiful, gentle, non-destructive, spayed female Benghali Tabby cat, very well behaved, non-destructive, to good home only.
683-8026 04/07

Found: Male Yellow Lab
Found a male, yellow lab in Sequim on McComb Rd. on Saturday, April 4th.
461-3997 04/06

Lost: Brown-Grey Tabby
Ringo is a brown-grey tabby with black rings on his neck, 3-5 years old, missing from Albert & Eunice west of Race St. bridge.
Sam 360-207-9904 04/03

Lost: Brown and tan Chihuahua
Intact 5# male Chihuahua, brown with tan Doberman markings, microchipped, no collar. Missing from 9th and Laurel since 12 noon on 4/02.
360-912-3662 04/02

Found: Male Black Lab
Really nice, well behaved, male black Lab, found between Race St. and Swains, been here about a week, wearing blue collar.
461-5037 04/01

Lost: Black & White Husky
5 year old, black and white male Husky with blue eyes missing from 647 Schoolhouse Lane, 3 miles up Blue Mountain Rd. collar with tag, named "Max".
425-530-2286 or 425-530-2687 04/02

For Sale: Serama Chickens & American Bulldog
Serama Chickens, $10.00 each or free to 4-H'ers, large, young roosters, free. 18 month, Female American Bulldog $350.00.
Message Phone 808-0598 03/30

Lost: 1 yr old Pug
Missing from the area of 4th and Oak in PA since 3/27, 1 year old, male Pug, fawn in color with black mask. $500.00 reward.
Louise 683-3975 461-0745 or 797-1392 03/27

For Sale: Adult Muscovy ducks
Adult Muscovy ducks, good pets and lawn mowers. Black and white colored. Ready to nest. $10.00 each.
457-0855 03/13

Found: Small, white & grey dog
Small, white and grey dog, long ears, long tail, long fur, found on Taylor cutoff Rd. on 3/12.
452-5797 03/12

Lost: Purebred Siamese cat
Purebred, neutered male, Siamese cat, microchipped, missing from Taylor Cutoff Rd. since 3/09. Reward offered.
775-4098 03/10

Found: Small, brown & white dog
Found a small, brown and white dog on Hwy. 101 near River Rd. in Sequim. Call to identify.
461-3997 03/06

For Sale: Goats
Goats in milk with kids & meat goats. Bucks, mixed breeds. All reasonable to very good homes. Leave message please.
Mary Lou 928-9980

Wanted: Jack Russell Terrier
Looking for a small dog, prefer Jack Russell Terrier, also want info on Blue Sky Farm.
417-5342 02/10

Found: Friendly, Brown Rabbit
Small, brown rabbit found on 2nd and Jones, domestic and friendly.
460-6500 02/03

Found: Orange Tabby Kitten
12 week old, orange Tabby kitten, short haired on Kitchen-Dick Rd. by Pumpkin Patch on 02/02.
452-0414 Ext.2 02/03

Lost: Black & Tan Dachsund Mix
Black and Tan, spayed female, 20# Dachsund mix, missing from West 2nd near Safeway (slipped her leash)but was seen near the YMCA, she may be trying to get home on Deer Park Rd. I am currently pet sitting her. Friendly, named "Luna".
360-477-2532 1/29

Lost: Grey Female Cat
8 month old, solid grey female cat, missing from 126 W. Hammond St. in Sequim.
360-809-9229 1/22

Lost: Tuxedo Cat
Black and white male tuxedo cat with identity chip. Area, 1400 block Georgiana St. behind Papa Murphy's.
457-3500 1/21

Lost: Black Male Cat
6 year old, 11 pound, black male cat, no collar, missing from Sunland-Jamestown Area in Sequim since 1/19, named "Goose".
206-930-1718 01/21

Lost: Male Maine Coon Cat
7 year Maine Coon, male cat, named "Freddy", missing from W. 7th in PA.
360-775-7805 01/20

Lost: Male Tabby Cat
9 month old, neutered male, brownish grey striped Tabby, missing from 54 Old Coyote Way, near Carrie Blake Park in Sequim, no collar, missing since 1/18.
360-627-0237 01/20

Lost: Male Abyssinian Cat
Male Abyssinian cat with classic ruddy coat missing from Ryder and East Alder St. in Sequim. Has flea collar with tag. Contact Cheryl Powell.
360-460-0692 01/16

Lost: Male Dog
Brown, gold, and white 15-year-old male Papillon lost at Sunny Farms. No collar but micro chipped. Completely deaf. Contact Manty Tinker.
360-477-3560 01/13

Found: Male Dog
Brown and white male dog found around the Albertsons area. Has collar and seems family oriented. Contact via e-mail with description of dog.
cinnamon4kula56@gmail.com 01/12

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd
Missing for 3 months from the Dungeness area near Nash's, a 13 year old, tri-colored, female Australian Shepherd, microchipped.
477-4258 12/19

Lost: Tri-Colored Rat Terrier
11 month old, female, Tri-Colored Rat Terrier missing from Gasman Rd. and Old Olympic Hwy. since 12/13, wearing a green and blue collar with a "bone" shaped tag with owner's info and dog's name "Bailey".
Pet Posse 775-5154 12/16

Lost: Grey Persian cat
Grey, female Persian cat, missing from 9th and Cherry, PA, since 12/05. friendly, named "Mercedes".
477-9724 12/16

Lost:Teacup Yorkie
12 yr. old, female teacup Yorkie, 2.5-3 pounds, missing from E. 13th, near Jefferson School and St. Matthews Lutheran Church since 12/13, named "Sassy", microchiped, no collar, we are babysitting her for a family member.
360-460-7607 12/15

Lost: Long haired grey/brown tabby
Long haired grey/brown tabby. 1+ year old female. Lost near Albertsons. Very friendly.
360-477-1663 12/10

Found: Male Collie
A male Collie was found on 7th and Prairie in Sequim. He's been running for several months.
477-4258 ask for Amy or leave message 12/08

Lost/Stolen: Orange Persian cat
Orange Persian cat missing from Sequim. Older and friendly.
360-477-0770 12/02

Lost: Brown Chihuahua
1.5 year old, brown, female Chihuahua, missing from Joslin Rd. since 11/29.
360-477-4641 12/01

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