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Found: 2 Dogs, Chocolate Lab & Black lab Mix
Found on 8/22 around dinner time, a Chocolate Lab and a Black Lab Mix. Owner must call to identify and give all details to claim.

Lost: 2 Cats, A Tabby and a Black Cat
2 cats went missing during the Clallam County Fair, one is a Tabby cat, should be wearing a harness and one is a black cat.
Fair Office 417-2551

Lost: Gray and White Cat, Black Beauty Mark Face
Very friendly female gray and white cat with black beauty mark on face missing since 8/2- from 185 W. Alder, Sequim. Wearing collar with tags. Named Sofie.
Kate 208-406-8241

Lost: 2 Pugs
2 Pugs missing since Sunday, 8/21, from 5th and "H", one is black and one is Fawn colored.

Lost: Gray and White Cat, Black Beauty Mark Face
Very friendly female gray and white cat with black beauty mark on face missing since 8/2- from 185 W. Alder, Sequim. Wearing collar with tags. Named Sofie.

Lost: Gray and White Cat
LOST in area of Mt. Angeles Road, Rook Drive and 1300 Block of Forest Trail, on 8/17, Blaze, a gray and white cat with a white blaze on face, white paws and belly/chest area, she is micro-chipped. Weight approximately 10 lbs. If anyone has seen her or knows where she is, please contact Pet Posse.

Found: German Shepherd
German Shepherd running around at the County Fairgrounds.
417-2551 8/16

Found: Brown Tabby
We found a small-medium brown tabby with black stripes on Driftwood and "N" St. in PA, very sweet but seems sick and/or injured.
Taken to the Humane Society 452-5226 8/16

For Sale: Rat
Need home for a VERY SWEET male rat. Black/white. Have cage and food. His name is Sioux.
Wendy 360-460-5855 8/15

For Sale: Pet Rooster
5 month old tame rooster for sale as a pet. $4.00.
360-565-1146 8/05

Found: 2 Dogs
Found on Washington St., between 6th and 7th in Port Angeles on 8/01. Male looks like a small German Shepherd type and Female looks like part Bull Terrier and maybe recently given birth? Female is white with some brown patches.
360-912-2174 8/02

Wanted: Kittens
Looking for two kittens.
Nancy 360-461-3980

Seen: Small Reddish Chihuahua-Type Dog
Small reddish Deer Chihuahua-type dog seen running on 4th and Oak towards 3rd on 7/14 at 12 noon.

Lost: Yellow Tabby
Small, spayed female yellow Tabby, with striped tail and green flea collar missing since 7/03 from Del Guzzi Drive, Lindberg Rd. area near PA golf course. She is kind of shy.
360-457-9083 7/07

Seen: Sheep on Grauel-Ramapo Rd.
Seen on 7/06 on Grauel-Ramapo Rd., 6-8 dark colored sheep, including 1 Ram and 1-2 younger ones too.

Lost: Black with White Pekinese
Small, female Pekinese, Black with white feet, chin and chest missing from Agnew area, N. Barr Rd. since 7/04, wearing collar, possibly chipped.
360-460-1129 7/05

Seen: Collie Type Dog
I saw what looked like a collie dog on O'Brien Rd., near Amarillo, wearing collar, no tags, matted fur, black, white and brown fur. Friendly but not too trusting.

Found: Tri-Colored Basset Hound
Neutered male, Tri-Colored Basset Hound found on 700 block of Cays Rd. in Sequim.
360-775-5154 6/27

Lost: Female Chihuahua
15 year old female Chihuahua missing from 212 W. 4th St., black, tan and grey, no collar, can't hear or see very well, named Minnie Mouse, friendly but probably scared.
Kate 360-797-1392 6/27

Wanted: Purebred Yellow Lab
I'm looking for a Purebred Yellow Lab but not a puppy.
360-460-0915 6/27

Found: Silver Male Schnauzer
Silver male Schnauzer found on Campbell Ave. in Port Angeles. If anyone knows who the owners are, please, call Pet Posse.
360-775-5154 6/24

Found: Black & White Cat
Black & white cat, been coming around for food for approximately 1 month, near City Lights Place, near PA High School, very skittish and shy. Picture available at KONP.
360-477-0248 6/20

Found: Black & White Shih Tzu
Black & white Shih Tzu found on 200 block of W. 4th between Oak and Cherry, pink collar, no tag, groomed.
360-775-5154 6/20

Found: Red Eared Slider Turtle
Red eared slider turtle found in area of Ranger Rd. and place Rd. about 10-12", piece of shell sticking up. Will be re-homed if owner not found.
360-775-5154 6/09

Lost: Male Black & White Cat
Male black and white cat with white paws, missing from 1400 block of W. 11th since 6/08, named "Boots", needs his meds!
502-517-2278 06/09

Lost: Black Cat
Short haired black cat named Vega, missing from 2400 block of So. Lincoln St. since 6/06, wearing black collar with bell.
360-775-5154 06/09

Lost: Sulcata Tortoise
Missing from Breezy Lane in PA since 6/06, 45 pound male tortoise, 15 years old.
360-775-5154 06/09

Lost: Female Maltese Dog
Tasha is a female Maltese dog missing from the 1700 block of 3rd and Golf Course Rd. since 6/02/16.
360-775-5154 06/06

Found: Grey Kitten, White Paws
Found a grey kitten with white paws and nose on 7th and "N", been here a few days, seems sick.
457-7996 6/01

Lost: Black & Gray striped cat
Missing from Doss Rd., Mt. Angeles area, a small black and gray striped cat.
461-7106 05/24

Lost: Female Great Pyranees
Female Great Pyranees missing from Irving Jacobs Rd., off of O'Brien Rd., named Saavy, she's a livestock guard dog, older, no collar. Help her get home, call if seen.
360-775-5154 05/23

Lost: Tan & White Female Pit Bull
Tan and white female Pit Bull missing from 500 block of Vogt near Finn Hall Rd., 1 year old, wearing pink and purple collar. Tan with white chest and paws.
360-775-5154 05/23

Found: Wire Haired Terrier
A female Wire Haired Terrier showed up on our property on Blue Mountain Rd. on 5/19, grey with white paws.
360-417-9137 5/20

Lost: Tan & White Pit Bull
Sturgis a a 14 year old intact male pit bull missing from the 2200 area of Dan Kelly Rd., he is tan with a white chest and dark muzzle, no collar.
360-775-5154 05/20

Lost: Tuxedo Cat
6 year old, neutered male, domestic short hair cat with black and white tuxedo patern, named "Stripe". "Stripe" has a prominent stripe of white going up right side of nose, black left cheek, white cheek and chin, 11 pounds, seen in vicinity of Fairchild Heights, 2301 W. 18th. Indoor kitty, timid and shy.
360-775-5154 05/16

Lost: Butterscotch Colored Cat
Sammie is a 5 year old female cat, missing from 2100 block of Lindberg Rd., near Golf Course, butterscotch colored with striped tail, green flea collar.
360-775-5154 05/16

Lost: Female Deer Chihuahua
13 pound female Deer Chihuahua missing from 100 block od Leslie Lane and Sunland Drive in Sequim, fawn and light brown fur, wearing red harness, 5 years old, spayed.
360-775-5154 05/11

Lost: Older Female Chocolate Lab
Coco is a 14 year old, spayed female Chocolate Lab missing from Simdars Rd. area in Sequim. Micro-chipped but no collar. Let's get this older pet back to her owners.
360-775-5154 05/10

For Sale: Rabbits
Weaned babies and up to 8 week old rabbits, $5.00-$10.00 each, various ages and colors.
360-808-9374 05/09

Lost: White, Black & Gray Cat
Gracie is a white, black and gray cat missing since 5/07 from the 2400 block of Hwy. 101 across from PUD and the Arco gas station. She has a gray and black ringed tail, is 6 years old, spayed, no collar or chip.
360-775-5154 05/09

Lost: Mini Schnauzer
Female, Mini Schnauzer, gray/silver color, missing from Gasman Rd. area.
360-775-5154 05/05

Lost: Pit/Lab/Husky Mix
Dusty is a male Pit/Lab/Husky mix missing from the 400 block of W. 16th St. Port Angeles. Brindle with white chest, orange collar.
360-775-5154 05/05

Lost: Pit Bull-Boxer Mix
Bandit is a 10 year old female Pit bull Boxer mix missing from 2800 area of Towne Rd. Wearing pink & red collar.
360-775-5154 04/27

Lost: Shih-Tzu-Pomeranian Mix
Brown, male Shih-Tzu-Pomeranian mix, resembles a long haired Dachsund. Missing from 18th and "N" since 4/25. 8 years old, named "Moe", no collar or chip.
360-461-5043 04/27

Found: Black Lab Mix
Black, male Lab mix, found on 4/26 in Dry Creek area. Owner to identify all details.
360-461-6447 04/26

Lost: White Shepherd, Black Markings
Patches, a 9 year old, white female Shepherd/Lab mix, white with black markings, wearing pink collar & rabies tag, missing from Agnew area.
360-775-5154 04/20

Lost: Orange Tabby Cat
Neutered male, orange tabby cat, missing from Kinkade Rd., river Rd. area in Sequim. Missing since 4/17.
683-0787 04/20

Lost: Mini Australian Shepherd
40# female Mini Australian Shepherd, missing from Freshwater Bay area since 4/15, blue merle coloring, blue eyes, no collar or chip.
360-461-1339 04/19

Lost: Siamese cat
1.5 year old female Siamese cat missing from 1200 block of Craig Ave., pink collar, rabies tag, microchipped.
360-775-5154 04/19

Lost: Tiny White & Tan Chihuahua
Missing since 4/16 from 500 block of W. Lauridsen Blvd., tiny white & tan female Chihuahua, went out for potty break, no collar.
360-775-5154 04/18

Missing/Taken: Tiny, tan Chihuahua
Tiny, tan, spayed female Chihuahua, taken from 900 block of S. Cedar St. 13 years old, named Carmen.
360-775-5154 04/18

Free: 2 Sheep
2 free sheep. You haul.
360-670-1152 04/14

Lost: Shepherd-Rottweiler Mix
90 pound, 12 year old, neutered male Shepherd-Rottweiler mix, missing from Deer Park area since 4/08/16.
360-460-0970 04/11

Found: Female Chocolate Lab
A concerned citizen found a female Chocolate Lab near Bar 9, downtown. No collar or ID.
360-775-5154 04/011

Lost: White Cat, Orange Markings
Neutered male cat, white with orange markings missing from neighborhood of Hardy's Grocery and Anytime Fitness in Sequim, has cute, stubby, crooked tail, named "Mister".
360-775-5154 04/07

Lost: Cream Colored Cat with Tabby Markings
Leo is a cream colored, neutered male cat with Tabby markings on his head. He's missing from the 1600 block of W. Lauridsen Blvd. No collar.
360-775-5154 04/05

Lost: Mostly White Cat
Mostly white cat missing from 1100 block area of Hwy. 101 by Fairmount & Welcome Inn Trailer Park, micro chipped, spayed, wearing reddish-pink collar, named "Sassy".
360-775-5154 04/04

Found: Rat Terrier
Found a black and white Rat Terrier on 3/28 in Sequim near Sun Meadows.
460-9135 3/29

For Sale: (3) Sheep
3 sheep for sale, 1 male and 2 females, $50.00 for all 3.
360-670-1152 3/25

Found: Tabby Striped Kitten
Tabby striped kitten with white on chest and paws found on 1000 block of W. 4th.
Pet Posse 360-775-5154 or Cheryl 360-749-9065 3/22

Lost: Long haired black cat
Maya is a long haired black cat missing since 3/18 from the 1000 block of E. 8th, 4 years old, spayed and microchipped.
360-775-5154 03/21

Lost: Tabby, White Chest & Paws
Starbuck is a Tabby with white chest and paws, missing from 900 block of E. 9th in PA, neutered male, 10 years old.
360-775-5154 03/21

Found: Orange Tabby
Orange Tabby with a little white on chest, found on 7th and Cherry.
Pet Posse 360-775-5154 3/20

Lost: Gray Male Cat, Recent Surgery
Gray male cat named Smokey, had recent right hip surgery, has shaved hair and drain on area. Escaped in area of Mariposa Lane near Hooker Rd.
360-775-5154 03/18

Seen: Shepherd Mix
Seen multiple times at 3.6 mile marker on Deer Park Road. Shepherd mix, brown/black. No collar. Seems friendly, but runs when approached.
417-6923 03/14

Lost: Maine coon Cat
"Sonic", a Maine Coon cat, has been missing since 3/04 from the 100 block of W. 7th (between Laurel and Oak Sts.) 2 1/2 years old, neutered male, no collar or chip.
360-775-5154 03/09

Lost: Blue Nose Pit Bull Pup
4 month old female blue nose Pitbull missing since 2/29 from 218 W. 8th (near Edward Jones.) Wearing pink collar with white paws on it.
360-214-4547 03/07

Found: Pet Bird
Found a very friendly, tame, pet bird, possibly a love bird, South of East Side Safeway.
Jeremy 951-285-2697 03/04

Lost: Grey Cat, Green Collar
10 month old neutered male cat missing from next to Hamilton School since 2/26, wearing lime green collar and microchipped. Plays with kids at school sometimes. If someone took him home, please, return.
457-6317 03/01

Lost: 4 Peacocks
4 Peacocks, 2 male and 2 female, missing from Dry Creek Area.
457-7022 03/01

Found: Longhaired Chihuahua
Long haired male Chihuahua found on 5th and liberty. Possibly named "Duke", owner is Billy Akin. Attempts to contact owner through microchip have been unsuccessful.
775-5154 02/26

Lost: Siamese Male Cat
Siamese male cat named Taylor, almost blind, no collar, missing from 1200 block of W. 9th, near Shane Park, family is very concerned.
460-2565 02/22

Lost: Female Cat, Tabby Marking
Beautiful female cat with black collar found by 8th and Oak, near bank, tabby markings on head, blue eyes.
775-5154 02/22

Lost: Male grey & Black Striped Cat
Bandit is a 1 year old intact male cat, black and grey striped, missing from Peninsula College since 2/14. Very friendly, indoor-outdoor cat.
775-5154 02/22

Found: Male Cocker Spaniel
A member of Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG) found a black, male Cocker Spaniel wandering in downtown Sequim on 2/16. Call Joyce for info.
683-0179 home or 858-750-9315 cell 02/17

Found: Female Boxer/Lab Mix
Female Boxer/Lab mix wearing collar, found in area of OPHS on Hwy. 101 and Airport Rd. If no one claims her she may be going to Humane Society tomorrow.
Pet Posse 775-5154 02/17

Found: Pekingese Dog
Pekingese dog found on Place Rd. off Hwy. 112.
775-5154 02/08

Lost: Male Australian Shepherd
Male Australian Shepherd missing from Wye Rd. in Joyce. "Kato" got out of his kennel. He is micro chipped and wearing a collar with tags.
775-5154 02/05

Found: Yellow Male Lab
Yellow, male Lab found on Pearce Rd. in Port Angeles. Taken to Humane Society.
775-5154 02/05

Lost: Older Male Dog, Blonde, Curly Hair
15 year old, curly, blonde haired male dog, 35 pounds, is partially blind, deaf and suffers from dementia. Missing from downtown Sequim since 1/31, named "Lou".
808-3877 02/01

Lost: Male Siamese Cat
Smokey is a 2 year old male Siamese cat, missing since 1/23 from the 100 block of So. Brook Ave., East of Sequim.
775-5154 02/01

Found: Female Beagle Mix
Female Beagle mix found around 5th & F.
775-5154 01/27

Lost: Mini Australian Shepherd
1 year old, 15# Mini Australian Shepherd, Brown & White female. Missing from 262 Osborne Rd. in Agnew near Seibert Creek, since 12/11. Wearing collar, named Polly. $1000.00 reward offered for safe return of dog. No questions asked.
360-683-7054 or 360-460-9766 12/22

Found: Tan/White Jack Russell Terrier
Tan and white, male Jack Russell Terrier found on Peabody and Park Ave. on 1/13/16, no collar or chip. Please, identify to claim.
775-5154 01/14

Lost: Charcoal Grey Shepherd
Missing since 1/05 from top of Deer Park, charcoal grey Shepherd, no markings, wearing collar and bandana. Very timid but friendly.
504-3359 01/12

Found: Young Rooster
Young rooster showed up in my yard last night, 2104 So. Cherry. Call to identify and claim.
457-4585 01/12

Lost: Black & White Female Cat
8 month old black & white, female cat, named Maggie Paddles, missing from 14th & Oak near Lauridsen Blvd. mostly black, white under chin and underside and paws, may be pregnant. Call if seen, family misses her!
775-5154 01/12

Seen: White Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso Type Dog
Seen around Park View Villa area the last few days, a small, long haired, white Shih-tzu, Lhasa Apso type dog.
No Number 01/08

Lost: American Shorthair Cat
Cosmo is a 9 month old American Shorthair cat missing from the 1700 block of E. 4th St. and Golf Course Rd. Neutered and microchipped.
775-5154 01/07

Lost: White & brown Chihuahua
Buddy is a larger white, light brown and dark brown 5 year old Chihuahua missing from 4th and Cherry st. since 1/05/16, he might be mistaken for a Jack Russell Terrier. Wearing collar with tags.
775-5154 01/05

Lost: Blonde & White Chihuahua
1 year old blonde and white Chihuahua named Mitchell missing from area of Bean Rd. and Hwy. 101 near Welcome Inn Trailer Park, microchipped and blue collar.
775-5154 01/04

Lost: Yellow Male Lab
Yellow male Lab named James missing from 1300 area of Gasman Rd. since 12/31, microchipped, no collar.
775-5154 01/04

Lost: Black Lab
Black Lab named Kozi missing from 1100 block of W. 16th since 12/31, microchipped, no collar.
775-5154 01/04

Lost: Mini Australian Shepherd
1 year old, 15# Mini Australian Shepherd, Brown & White female. Missing from 262 Osborne Rd. in Agnew near Seibert Creek, since 12/11. Wearing collar, named Polly. $1000.00 reward offered for safe return of dog. No questions asked.
360-683-7054 or 360-460-9766 12/22

Lost: Tortoise Shell cat
Female Tortoise Shell cat, 9 years old, long hair, missing from 131 Forest, near Haggens, missing since 12/19.

Lost: Black, Brown and white Tabby
Timmy is a 9 year old male cat missing from 8th and Pine, between bridges. Tabby markings on face, black, brown and white on face, chest and legs, no collar.
Pet Posse 775-5154

Lost: German Shepherd, Husky, Golden Retriever mix
German Shepherd, Husky, Golden Retriever mix, 10 years old (looks younger), Blonde, long hair, missing since Saturday, Dec. 5th 2015, from the 500 Block of west 5th Street Port Angeles, Named "Kilo", Name on the microchip: Janice Wilson
Alaina 360-477-6761

Lost: Large Grey Cat
Very large grey cat (named Mr. Grey) missing from Pearce Rd. (off Mt. Pleasant)since 12/13. He is not friendly but is microchipped and has a shaved front paw and shaved under neck from vet visit. Call if seen.
Pet Posse 360-775-5154 or 477-2373

Found: Female Tabby
Female Tabby trying to get home. found on Glass Rd. in Port Angeles.

Found: Maine Coon Type cat
Very fluffy Maine Coon type cat, found on 11th and I St. on 12/07.
Collette 452-7265

Found: Male Black Lab Mix
Male, Black Lab mix wearing choke chain, found 1 mile West of Freshwater Bay.

Found: Small Shepherd Type Dog
Smaller (30-40#), blondish, longer, straight hair Shepherd type dog, found on 12/01 near South Cherry and Park Ave., no collar.

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