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Lost: Long Haired Orange Cat
Long haired, orange male cat missing since 8/21/15, from Mt. Pleasant/Monroe Rd area. Name is Flopsy.
Please call 477-7872 8/28

Lost: Black and White Boston Terrier
Black and white, female Boston Terrier missing from 3 Rivers Resort in forks since 8/25 around 6 pm. @@ pounds and wearing a collar and is microchipped.
360-302-1987 Debbie 8/26

Found: Black cat, white bib
Black, short haired, neutered male cat with white bib, friendly but frightened, been roaming for about a month or more, North 7th Ave. area.
417-1175 8/25

Lost: Canadian Goose
Very friendly, female Canadian Goose with some white feathers on head above each eye, missing from Mt Pleasant Rd. since Sat., 8/22. Very tame, might come up to your porch, tries to talk to you.
360-775-1552 8/24

Found: Ferret
Found a ferret on Wolcutt St. by Wendy's.
477-5113 8/21

Lost: Long haired, black & tan tabby
3 year old neutered male, longhaired black and tan tabby, about 25 pounds, looks like Maine Coon, missing from 5th & "E" area. Call with any info, seen dead or alive.
Heather 452-5009 8/19

Seen: White horse
There's a white horse (no halter) seen running loose on Hoare Rd. up Black Diamond Rd.
no number 8/19

Found: Black mix dog
Black, intact male dog, a mix, owner must identify breed, very well mannered, found on Blue Ridge off Blue Mountain Rd. on 8/19.
457-0505 x337 8/19

Wanted: Free Rooster
Looking for a free healthy rooster in Port Angeles.
John 253-314-4244

Lost: Tan & White Male Boxer
Recently re-homed, tan and white, male Boxer missing from college area since 12:30 pm on 8/04. Wearing silver chain collar, outdated microchip, friendly, named "Ray" or "Raynor".
360-808-6534 8/04

Lost: Grey & Beige Male Tabby
Grey and beige, 5 month old, 5 pound, male Tabby. No collar or chip, missing from 6th and "M" since 8/03.
360-797-4252 8/04

Lost: Short Haired Grey Cat
Short haired, grey, female cat with yellow-green eyes, kink in tail, missing from Monroe Rd. near cemetery since 7/26, found her collar. Call if seen.
461-9720 7/28

Lost: Chiweenie/Mini Doberman
Black & white Chiweenie/Mini Doberman named Little Brother, missing from 935 E. Front St. since 7/20. He's never been outside on his own without a leash so he doesn't know how to find his way home. Very friendly and VERY missed
775-5154 or 460-8321 7/24

Wanted: Pekinese or Yorkie
Looking for a small dog, Pekinese or Yorkie or similar. Can offer a wonderful home but can't afford much.
Colleen TEXT ONLY 360-775-0167 7/23

Trade: Pullet (hen) types
I want to trade Aracauna pullet for Barred Rock or Whyndotte pullets.
457-5937 7/23

Lost: Deaf Pomeranian Dog
15 year old, deaf, male Pomeranian, blonde colored, last seen just below visitors center near Park and Race Sts. on 7/21. He has tags BUT is very frightened of people. Please, don't approach, he will run. Just call Pet Posse.
775-5154 or 808-6086 7/22

For Sale: Channel Catfish
(2) Channel Catfish, 1 foot long, $15.00 each.
797-1904 7/21

Lost: Doberman/Rottweiler Service Dog
Black & Tan Doberman/Rottweiler mix Service Dog missing from Blue Mountain/Geller Rd. area. Medium sized, should be wearing an orange, reflective collar. Named Lilu, very friendly.
775-5154 or 461-3846 7/21

Found: Grey Kittens
Found 2 small, grey kittens on Peabody St.
457-6915 7/21

Free: Great Dane-Lab mix
Free to good home only, Female Half Great Dane, half Lab mix. 3 years old.
457-2857 7/20

Lost: 13 Yr. Old Chocolate Lab
13 year old, intact, male Chocolate Lab with grey muzzle disappeared from his pen on eve of 7/04, may have been let out. Has microchip, no collar.
Robert 681-2919 or Allan 460-4840 or 683-8311 7/20

Lost: Longhaired Black & Tan Chihuahua
Moggy (Mogwhy) is a 2 pound, longhaired, Black & Tan, female Chihuahua, missing from 309 W. 7th since 7/11. Was last seen heading East on 5th & Jones several nights ago.
Owner's Mother 461-8065 7/20

Lost: Black & White cat
12 year old black and white cat missing from 1600 block of 7th St. Microchipped, no collar, limps on right back leg.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or 477-9326 7/20

Found: White Chihuahua
Small, white Chihuahua with brown ears found on South "H" St., no microchip, purple collar.
Pet Posse 775-5154 7/20

Lost: Snowshoe Siamese Cat
Male Snowshoe Siamese cat with blue eyes and white paws, 2 years old, very friendly, missing from 100 block of Reservoir Rd. by Old Black Diamond Rd. Owners are really missing him.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or 452-4933 or 797-3091 7/20

Lost: Grey Female Tabby
Female Gray Tabby with green eyes, named Fiona, missing since 7/10 from Grandview/Old Olympic area. Very sweet. If you've seen her, please call.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or 928-274-2627 7/20

Found: Chocolate Lab with Camo Collar
Intact male Chocolate Lab found on Front and Albert, PA, camo collar, no tags, microchip registered to Washington DC. If this is your dog, please contact Pet Posse ASAP.
Pet Posse 775-5154 7/15

Lost: Grey & Black Tabby
Tiger is a 3 year old neutered male cat missing from 13th and Pine since 7/07. He is a thin, grey and black tabby, green eyes, floppy belly, hisses and growls when scared.
Juanita 461-4327 7/14

Lost: Grey Striped Cat
Shark is a neutered grey, striped cat missing from Lauridsen Blvd. and Francis St. for a few days. 6-8 months old, friendly. Young son is really missing him.
775-5154 7/13

Lost: Chocolate Brown Labradoodle
3 month old, male, Chocolate brown Labradoodle. short curly hair, named "George" missing from Lewis Rd., approximately 18#, no collar or chip.
683-9528 7/13

Lost: Black Lab with Pink collar and Lead
2 year old, female Black Lab, wearing pink collar and lead, missing from Dan Kelly and Place Rd. area, got away while walking her, named "Luna".
360-460-6476 7/10

Found: White & Black Pit Bull
White & Black Pit Bull found near Mains Farm in Sequim.
Pet Posse 775-5154 7/09

Lost: Yellow Lab Pup
3 month old female yellow lab, missing from the end of Golf Course Road.
460-6304 7/08

Lost: Long haired black, grey & white cat
15 year old cat named "Vince", missing from 800 block east 7th, long haired, black and gray, with white nose, lower face and belly, tie dye collar with phone number. He likes to walk, sometimes to the YMCA and Dream Playground. He needs medication.
452-0346 7/07

Lost: Black Lab mix
Jessie is an older black lab mix missing from 3900 block of W. Edgewood Drive, near Dry Creek, wearing collar with camo tags, no microchip.
775-5154 Pet Posse 7/06

Lost: Female Farm Terrier
Female Farm Terrier missing from 2 miles up Deer Park Rd., tri-colored face, white paws, dark on back and legs, has medical issues, needs monitoring.
775-5154 or 457-3580 (582-074?)7/06

Found: Female Golden Retriever
Female Golden Retriever, found in 3900 area of Deer Park rd., rabies tags from 2012, appears to be older dog.
775-5154 Pet Posse7/06

Lost: Female Rottweiler mix
Female Rottweiler mix, 14 years old, missing from 9th and Francis area, very sweet, named "Autumn".
incomplete number given (582-074?)7/06

Found: Male Pug
Neutered Male Pug found near Hooker and Toad Rd., beige with black markings.
582-9774 7/01

Lost: Female Tan Chihuahua Mix
Female Tan Chihuahua with 4 white feet, mix wearing red collar with rhinestones and tag that says "Bella Baby", jumped out of truck at PA Walmart on Fri., June 26th.
208-520-8484 6/29

Found: Male Chocolate Lab
Male Chocolate Lab wearing camo collar found on 1st and Francis on morning of 6/26.
452-9711 6/26

Lost: Female Yellow Lab
Female yellow Lab missing from Lake Sutherland since Saturday, June 13th.
360-809-0289 6/15

Lost: Female Calico Cat
4 year old, female calico cat, named Lily, is missing from the 1000 block of Eckard Ave. off Mt. Angeles Rd.
360-775-5073 or 360-775-5154 6/09

Lost: Siamese Cat
Older, female Siamese Cat missing from Westview and "M" St. area since 6/05. Please, call if seen.
928-274-2627 or 681-5058 6/08

Lost: Female Tuxedo Cat
Classic Tuxedo cat, female, named Audrey , missing from Lincoln Park area since 5/25. Reward offered.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or Heather 912-4100 6/04

Free: Unbroke Mare
Free To Good Home, Registered, 1/2 Arab Pinto Black & White 14 yr. old Mare. Not broke to ride. She needs someone who will work with her.
Patti 461-9008 6/04

Free: Tan Lab
Free 4 year old, mellow, neutered Tan Lab, well mannered, good companion.
477-7970 6/02

Found: Poodle mix in Joyce
Small Poodle mix, found in Joyce on Piedmont Rd. on 5/27. Owner must identify details.
461-6771 5/29

Lost: Longhaired grey cat
Longhaired, spayed female, grey cat missing from Hunt rd. since 5/26, 10#, microchipped.
775-8256 5/28

Lost: Black and white cat
Short haired cat, mostly black with white, from Dan Kelly Rd, since 5/21, large, male cat, only one good eye (left side). Owner seeks info, whether alive or deceased.
775-5154 or 460-3906 5/27

Found: Possibly Australian Cattle Dog
Found what appears to be an Australian Cattle Dog-Blue Heeler (Catahoula) mix. Un-neutered male, grey-black color with red collar, found on W. 14th and "O" St. on 5/20.
775-5154 5/21

Lost: Dark Brown Tabby
Spayed, female, dark brown tabby, no collar or chip, missing from 600 Block of East Lauridsen Blvd. near Lopez Ave. & Lions Park since May 6th, named "Sally".
452-5698 5/21

Found: Maine Coon type cat
Maine Coon looking cat found between 8th St. Bridges, been hanging around a few months.
460-2431 5/19

Lost: White American Shorthair with markings
White American Shorthair cat with cinnamon markings on crown & saddle, neutered, male, indoor cat, de-clawed, scared, missing since 5/17, from 5th and 6th st. on Prairie, near JC Penney's in Sequim. (Mountain View Apts.)
683-1833 5/18/15

Lost: Orange Male Tabby
Felix is a 14 year old, neutered male, light orange Tabby. Has a notch in one ear. No microchip or collar. Missing from 3100 block of So. Regent near PAHS. Owners miss him.
360-775-5154 5/12

Lost: Russian Box Turtle
Russian Box Turtle, about as big as your hand, missing from 1100 block of W. 5th St. between D and E streets, PA. Escaped May 4th. Call if seen.
775-4036 5/07

Lost: Black, white & grey cat
Fergus is a 7 year old black, white and grey cat, neutered, no ID. Missing since 4/16 from 500 block of Ridgeview Drive, near Dungeness Golf Course, Sequim.
Pet Posse 775-5154 or 797-4139 05/07

Found: Calico Cat
Young, adult Calico cat found on May 2nd in the Guy Kelly Rd., Bagley Creek Rd. area. No collar, very sweet.
681-6677 05/06

Lost: Longhaired grey & black cat
Vince is missing from the 800 block of east 7th. Longhair, white face, chest and feet, otherwise gray and black.
452-0306 Jennie

Found: Peacock
Found a Peacock in our yard on Blue Mountain Rd.
477-3637 04/30

For Sale: Tropical Channel Cat Fish
(2) Tropical Channel Cat Fish, 9" long, $15.00 each.

For Sale: Katahdin Ewe Lambs
3 Katahdin ewe lambs, weaned, locally raised on moms milk and local grass. No hormones, antibiotics or steroids.
Paul 582-1314

Found: Black Female Cat
Small, almost 1 year old, black, female cat, very friendly, no collar, found near Carrie Blake park in Sequim around a week ago.
681-0571 04/22

Lost: Black & Tan Dachsund-Chihuahua mix
Black & Tan Dachsund- Chihuahua mix named Duke. Missing from 15th & Cherry. Little daughters are so sad.
360-912-3897 04/21

For Sale: 2 Rabbits
Female rabbit, 9 months old, ready for breeding, $20.00. Lion Head mini mix dwarf rabbit, beautiful markings $35.00.
452-6649 04/20

Found: Multi colored cat
Found a multi colored young cat on 11th and Oak.
713-628-2870 04/13

Free: Benghali Tabby
Beautiful, gentle, non-destructive, spayed female Benghali Tabby cat, very well behaved, non-destructive, to good home only.
683-8026 04/07

Found: Male Yellow Lab
Found a male, yellow lab in Sequim on McComb Rd. on Saturday, April 4th.
461-3997 04/06

Lost: Brown-Grey Tabby
Ringo is a brown-grey tabby with black rings on his neck, 3-5 years old, missing from Albert & Eunice west of Race St. bridge.
Sam 360-207-9904 04/03

Lost: Brown and tan Chihuahua
Intact 5# male Chihuahua, brown with tan Doberman markings, microchipped, no collar. Missing from 9th and Laurel since 12 noon on 4/02.
360-912-3662 04/02

Found: Male Black Lab
Really nice, well behaved, male black Lab, found between Race St. and Swains, been here about a week, wearing blue collar.
461-5037 04/01

Lost: Black & White Husky
5 year old, black and white male Husky with blue eyes missing from 647 Schoolhouse Lane, 3 miles up Blue Mountain Rd. collar with tag, named "Max".
425-530-2286 or 425-530-2687 04/02

For Sale: Serama Chickens & American Bulldog
Serama Chickens, $10.00 each or free to 4-H'ers, large, young roosters, free. 18 month, Female American Bulldog $350.00.
Message Phone 808-0598 03/30

Lost: 1 yr old Pug
Missing from the area of 4th and Oak in PA since 3/27, 1 year old, male Pug, fawn in color with black mask. $500.00 reward.
Louise 683-3975 461-0745 or 797-1392 03/27

For Sale: Adult Muscovy ducks
Adult Muscovy ducks, good pets and lawn mowers. Black and white colored. Ready to nest. $10.00 each.
457-0855 03/13

Found: Small, white & grey dog
Small, white and grey dog, long ears, long tail, long fur, found on Taylor cutoff Rd. on 3/12.
452-5797 03/12

Lost: Purebred Siamese cat
Purebred, neutered male, Siamese cat, microchipped, missing from Taylor Cutoff Rd. since 3/09. Reward offered.
775-4098 03/10

Found: Small, brown & white dog
Found a small, brown and white dog on Hwy. 101 near River Rd. in Sequim. Call to identify.
461-3997 03/06

For Sale: Goats
Goats in milk with kids & meat goats. Bucks, mixed breeds. All reasonable to very good homes. Leave message please.
Mary Lou 928-9980

Wanted: Jack Russell Terrier
Looking for a small dog, prefer Jack Russell Terrier, also want info on Blue Sky Farm.
417-5342 02/10

Found: Friendly, Brown Rabbit
Small, brown rabbit found on 2nd and Jones, domestic and friendly.
460-6500 02/03

Found: Orange Tabby Kitten
12 week old, orange Tabby kitten, short haired on Kitchen-Dick Rd. by Pumpkin Patch on 02/02.
452-0414 Ext.2 02/03

Lost: Black & Tan Dachsund Mix
Black and Tan, spayed female, 20# Dachsund mix, missing from West 2nd near Safeway (slipped her leash)but was seen near the YMCA, she may be trying to get home on Deer Park Rd. I am currently pet sitting her. Friendly, named "Luna".
360-477-2532 1/29

Lost: Grey Female Cat
8 month old, solid grey female cat, missing from 126 W. Hammond St. in Sequim.
360-809-9229 1/22

Lost: Tuxedo Cat
Black and white male tuxedo cat with identity chip. Area, 1400 block Georgiana St. behind Papa Murphy's.
457-3500 1/21

Lost: Black Male Cat
6 year old, 11 pound, black male cat, no collar, missing from Sunland-Jamestown Area in Sequim since 1/19, named "Goose".
206-930-1718 01/21

Lost: Male Maine Coon Cat
7 year Maine Coon, male cat, named "Freddy", missing from W. 7th in PA.
360-775-7805 01/20

Lost: Male Tabby Cat
9 month old, neutered male, brownish grey striped Tabby, missing from 54 Old Coyote Way, near Carrie Blake Park in Sequim, no collar, missing since 1/18.
360-627-0237 01/20

Lost: Male Abyssinian Cat
Male Abyssinian cat with classic ruddy coat missing from Ryder and East Alder St. in Sequim. Has flea collar with tag. Contact Cheryl Powell.
360-460-0692 01/16

Lost: Male Dog
Brown, gold, and white 15-year-old male Papillon lost at Sunny Farms. No collar but micro chipped. Completely deaf. Contact Manty Tinker.
360-477-3560 01/13

Found: Male Dog
Brown and white male dog found around the Albertsons area. Has collar and seems family oriented. Contact via e-mail with description of dog.
cinnamon4kula56@gmail.com 01/12

Lost: Female Australian Shepherd
Missing for 3 months from the Dungeness area near Nash's, a 13 year old, tri-colored, female Australian Shepherd, microchipped.
477-4258 12/19

Lost: Tri-Colored Rat Terrier
11 month old, female, Tri-Colored Rat Terrier missing from Gasman Rd. and Old Olympic Hwy. since 12/13, wearing a green and blue collar with a "bone" shaped tag with owner's info and dog's name "Bailey".
Pet Posse 775-5154 12/16

Lost: Grey Persian cat
Grey, female Persian cat, missing from 9th and Cherry, PA, since 12/05. friendly, named "Mercedes".
477-9724 12/16

Lost:Teacup Yorkie
12 yr. old, female teacup Yorkie, 2.5-3 pounds, missing from E. 13th, near Jefferson School and St. Matthews Lutheran Church since 12/13, named "Sassy", microchiped, no collar, we are babysitting her for a family member.
360-460-7607 12/15

Lost: Long haired grey/brown tabby
Long haired grey/brown tabby. 1+ year old female. Lost near Albertsons. Very friendly.
360-477-1663 12/10

Found: Male Collie
A male Collie was found on 7th and Prairie in Sequim. He's been running for several months.
477-4258 ask for Amy or leave message 12/08

Lost/Stolen: Orange Persian cat
Orange Persian cat missing from Sequim. Older and friendly.
360-477-0770 12/02

Lost: Brown Chihuahua
1.5 year old, brown, female Chihuahua, missing from Joslin Rd. since 11/29.
360-477-4641 12/01

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