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Radio Advertising on KONP

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Why Radio?

Almost 80% of all adults listen to Radio every day, week in & week out. Radio delivers high affordable frequency and repetition. Repetition builds awareness and awareness is a key component in gaining and holding market share. Less than 50% of all adults read a newspaper 5 days a week. On average, they only spend less than 1 hour per day with the paper.

Demands on customer's time make it almost impossible to read from cover to cover every day, creating a very selective reader...Light television viewers spend over twice as much time listening to Radio as they do watching television. Weekly, Radio reaches almost 90% of all light newspaper and magazine readers. Radio reaches people who do not make extensive use of other media.

In today's competitive, volatile, market environment, it is important to have at your disposal a medium that can react quickly to your advertising needs and also promote immediate action from the consumer...without the production and deadline delays of other media. YOU are in complete control.

Smart Advertisers study the relationship between cost and audience. Radio delivers more advertising impressions than any other medium for the same budget....and people listen to radio to find out what is happening in their community each day!


There are over 64 thousand people in Clallam County...and of those over 26 thousand listen every day....and a large part of those listen for at LEAST 3 hours every day!

KONP brings the latest in local, regional, and national news, sports and information. Our award winning news staff bring Peninsula residents all of the information right away...around the clock.

KONP is affordable...A full page ad in a newspaper can cost over $2000...a billboard runs $600-$700 per month....and an average display ad in 1 of 3 local directories can run over $400.00 per month....a thirty second ad on KONP is $18.00....

1 Newpaper ad=128 TARGETED ads on KONP.

1 Billboard = 36 ads that the entire peninsula will hear every day!

And 1 yellow Page ad = 25 well crafted, expertly produced images that will raise our local buyers mind!

Why KONP? Because we are a local station, catering to our local community...raising the awareness of our local peninsula residents to the broad spectrum of services, stores, and information that are available in our area. KONP...Radio You Can Rely On!

Coverage Map

KONP Advertising Coverage Area Map