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Pet Watch Rules

Pet Watch Rules

What May You Post on Pet Watch?

  • Lost
  • Found
  • Seen
  • Wanted
  • For Sale

How Do You Submit Your Pet Watch Post?

You may now submit your Pet Watch Post online.   It is easy and quick and helps us to manage this free public service more efficiently.

To submit, please create a free account and use our website program if you will.  That will help us a lot and it is easy to do!  Thank you!

If you would rather not create an account, you may phone it in or Email your item,  and one of our website administrators will post it for you.

When You No Longer Need Your Posting

  • When your lost pet is found OR
  • When you've got what you've wanted OR
  • When you've sold your pet

1) Please login and delete your post OR

2) Email us and let us know OR

3) Phone us and let us know!  (360-457-1450)

Thank You!